Does WordPress Track Page Views

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for blog or website owners today. It has become the de-facto standard for creating a blog or website in all major marketplaces.

This is due to several factors: it is easy to create a site, it has good hosting options, it is easy to administer, and it has a nice design. For newcomers, there are plenty of free sites to start on.

However, unlike other free sites, which can be used for illegal purposes, or sites that are too complicated for new users to understand, WordPress gives its users a complete platform to start on. Users can add their own themes and websites with little difficulty.


does wordpress track page views

WordPress does not track page views or engage pixels on your website. There are two main reasons a website would want to do this however.

Page view counters help websites monitor how many people are visiting their site and how many times they click on an item. Many websites include a pageview counter in their theme so you do not have to add it in.

Pixel tracking is when the web developer includes a tracking code on a page that includes an image or link that will generate a pixelated view of the site as it looks right now. This is similar to testing whether people understand what each item means without actually showing them an item, for privacy reasons.

It depends

does wordpress track page views


WordPress is not the only platform that tracks page views. This can be an issue when you are looking to track your website traffic growth!

When you compare your website to other websites, they may track page views. However, the way they do this is different.

For example, a website may track visits by placing a banner on a page and then displaying the content! Or they may track clicks by placing an ad on a page and then accepting an offer!

Either way, it still counts as one visit for their tracking. Because of this, your overall site traffic can go up and down based on how much advertising you accept on your site.

WordPress logs some page views

does wordpress track page views

WordPress does not track page views, but it does record the IP address of the computer that visits your site. This IP address can be linked to your account to show who visited your site.

This is helpful for advertisers to see where their ads are being viewed. It is also helpful for developers to see how people arrive at their site to determine how they serve content.

By using a tracking plugin, you can still keep tabs on what pages are getting viewed by adding a cookie to the device that accesses your site. The cookie will not stay active if the device is removed from the web, however.

Most popular web frameworks include a function calledtrack_frame_transient which does this for you.

WordPress does not track page views

does wordpress track page views

There are a few reasons that your site may be visited again on your device or in a new window/tab.

The first is that your site may be embedded into a larger website, in this case, Google will track the page views Xeon forcewqw wqeq ibn wqeq ibn wqeq ibn Xeon forcewqw wqeq ibn wqeq ibn Xeon forcew qwew nt, and you.

This is called a intercom platform and it can be used for sales or marketing purposes to keep you informed about what people are looking for and what they bought.

A second reason your site may be visited is because it is featured or underrepresented in the search results pane. The third is that it received an high-priority nurturing update, which means it will receive more conversions and activity over the next twelve hours.

Use an anonymizer

does wordpress track page views

An anonymizer is a website tool that allows you to create an anonymous website. You can enter your own email, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter account information and then grant your site access to your entire network through

When you enter an account information form, the website puts a secure cookie on your computer that will only work with that particular site. So, when you go to another website using their browser extension or mobile app, the only thing linking you together is the cookie!

This is incredibly helpful because it cuts down on the number of times you have to login to each individual site every time you want to use something. It also makes it much harder for websites and advertisers to track you because they cannot just put “XWP” in front of your name!

Anonymizer has several ways to set up an anonymous blog or web page, including creating an account if you do not have one.

Disable cookies

does wordpress track page views

When you visit a website your browser will send your computer information about that website so that your next pages can be displayed and that website can track your movements on the site.

This is called cookies or tracker tracks. Many companies use this to track users on their websites as well as how they navigate their sites.

You can have all of your normal web pages, but if you want to check out a new page, you must re-activate the cookie to keep the previous data from being displayed when users arrive at the new page.

Some cookies are not used for tracking but are still included due to privacy reasons such as wanting to know who viewed a post, how many read it, and what type of posting it was.

Use a different browser

Most of the time, when a user clicks on an lederlink product link, their browser will send a request to the product’s website via their shared account.

This is true even if your website does not have an easy way to track visits. If your software does not support this feature, users can be tracked by using a different browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

However, if users are already tracking visits using a different browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, then they will not be able to use lederlink products. Users will need to use two separate applications to track goals and results.

If you want to continue tracking visits from one device to another, then you should install the lederlink beetle app.

Clear your cache

does wordpress track page views

Once your web browser has been redirected to the domain, you can help prevent your website from being tracked by WordPress. You can do this by clearing your cache after your webpage has loaded.

WordPress stores all of its data when you visit your website for the first time, including every element on your page that is displayed and links that are added to your page. This includes link clicks, format changes, and mistakenly placed hidden buttons.

When you visit a new site, WordPress initializes some of these data structures and links for you automatically. You can choose to have this happen regularly or keep it quick and easy by clearing your cache after each visit.

This action removes any data that has been stored on your device that has been visited to date, making it easier for you to avoid data profiling.

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