How To Get The Motorbike In Zelda Botw

A motorbike is one of the most popular vehicles in video games. There are many games where you ride a motorbike, and you should get one!

In recent years, players have been limited to using the Wii Wheel or Play-All Adapter for USB-compatible motorcycles. These are not ideal, as you can only go in one direction on them!

Now, there are many third-party applications for mobile devices and desktop computers that allow you to get back on the road! Some even let you practice your skills before going for a real ride.

This is a very special article which talks about how to get the Zelda Botw motorcycle in The Legend of Zelda: Botw.

Find a key

how to get the motorbike in zelda botw

When you’re in the Ratwall mansion, head to the second floor and look for a door behind a display case. You will need to find a key to get into the room, which contains an elevator that takes you up to the second floor where the bike is located.

The key is fairly easy to locate as it is labelled on the display case. Just look for it and you’ll know it!

Bullet pointe end: Ride the bike

Once you find your key, make your way up to the second floor and ride the bike. It will take you straight to Trillandia, where you can get some food and rest before moving on.

Go to the bike shop

how to get the motorbike in zelda botw

When you have an item that lets you ride a bike, go to the bike shop and buy a bike. You can use it to get around the map, so do so!

There are two main areas of the bike shop where you can go to pick up a bike: one is the cycling section and the other is the repair shop. Pick one that looks clean and safe!

Bikes are expensive, so make sure you are going to need your new bike before you spend all your money. There are many places that rent bikes, but make sure they know how to operate it safely. Have them give you a chance to try before buying!

When riding your new bicycle, remember not to lock it up or secure it with anything else because then it could be stolen.

Buy fuel

how to get the motorbike in zelda botw

Without fuel, your bike will not work. You can buy a can every time she gets a new item.

If you do not have one, then you must find a gas station to fuel your bike. Many are located in towns and they display their vehicles for easy access. Many also have supplies for your motorcycle as well.

Once you get the gas flowing, ride out of town and enjoy some proper motorcycle riding! This is very much an advanced task that requires many times watching, waiting, and re-watchinginder-tapping, but it is well worth it in the end.

Find maps

how to get the motorbike in zelda botw

Once you’ve found your way to Tron, you’ll want to get a map so you can locate Tron. A map is basically a guide that shows you where everything is in the Tron universe.

The best maps have information about every location in Tron, including places to buy weapons and armor, places to find supplies, and even hidden locations. Of course, getting a map will cost money, but it is well worth it.

You can buy a paper map at stores around Tron or download an app on your phone, but neither is very precise. Having access to a good map will make the journey from Tron to Shora and back more comfortable and smooth.

Collect bugs

how to get the motorbike in zelda botw

Getting the beetle in Botw is pretty simple. Just go to any location and you will find a bunch of them.

They are found mostly in flowers and trees, so don’t worry if you do not yet have one. You will just have to get another one later!

All you have to do is kill off the enemy and collect its blood, which is what makes the beetle. You can either put it in an egg or use it as a food for your beetle.

The beetles are very special because if you talk to them after being defeated, they will give you an item.

Give items to NPCs

how to get the motorbike in zelda botw

You can give items to NPCs in Botw. Most NPCs will only have one item, but you can ask them to trade or sell it to other NPCs if they have more.

This is important as some NPCs cannot give you items due to stock issues!

Many times, the best trades are with someone else’s items. This helps build your Link level and reputation with the opposite NPC, making them willing to give you stuff in return.

Also, by giving them items, you will gain points for your Link level and reputation with them which will help get you stuff in return. Many times, the best trades are with someone else’s items. This helps build yourlevel and reputation with them which will help get you stuff in return.

Watch news stories

how to get the motorbike in zelda botw

News stories are a great way to learn more about the game world. In order to access news stories in Botw, you’ll need to know the name of current events.

You’ll also need to know which events are hot topics, such as political events or breaking news. Some events have sources, making it even more difficult to determine which news story you need.

However, by watching news stories, you can get some serious back story on the games world. You can read about major incidents such as terrorist attacks and natural disasters, or you can find a less common event that happens often like a sporting event or court case.

You can then use this information in your game mechanics such as creating an alert system or creating a way for people to get involved if something happens. You can also create ways for people to help you identify what kind of event this is.

Complete quests

how to get the motorbike in zelda botw

If you get stuck, you can try doing some of the quests in the game. There are a few in Botw that require you to do, making it more challenging.

Some quests are marked as complete in the game, meaning you can return to your safe place and enjoy the rest of the game. These require no special gear or enemies just your skill as a player.

These include finding clues and finishing tasks set by Link or Zelda. If you are stuck, check out some of these tips to help get back on track.

If a quest is unmarked as complete, that means there is still something left to do. Many times this is finding and defeating the boss of a room or area, but there are also times when it is completing another task.

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