How To Vend At Festivals

Festivals are a high-priced event, with admission to the event costuming and entertainment ticket pricing. While some festivals do not charge for participants, attendance is still important!

Many festival directors rely on costume sales to help fund operations. A large portion of the population that attends festivals is highly encouragingly generous toward other people and organizations, so you can imagine the impact a generous contributor gets!

To be able to sell your event, you must first learn how to find the right audience for your event type. When doing this, see if you have a specific demographic that wants to attend your festival type.

When it comes to marketing your event, there are many factors that must be aware of and address.

Choose a festival to vend at

how to vend at festivals

Festivals are incredible places to meet new people and create a community, so it is very important to choose one that you will enjoy. There are hundreds of festivals all across the United

over, which is perfect for creating a tribe and spreading the word about your business.

If you do not know a good festival yet, don’t worry! There are thousands around the country and international that you can start working at! Check them out at!

While it may be hard to narrow down the best festivals in your area, it is really important to know these ones because they will be the first ones you will VEND at when the event comes.

When looking for a festival to vend at, there are some key elements that should be considered.

Pack your products

When you are ready to start selling, the next step is to pack your products. You can do this by picking a product category and then trying to design a product to match that.

The best way to pack a product is to just put it on your chest and let the customers buy it. It will take some time to get good at it, but start early!

Also, try not packing too much in one product. People are looking at how much they get for their money, and if you put an expensive item on one side and cheaper on the other, people will think there is more money in their account to buy what they want.

Instead, try packing only what you need per person, so they can find what they want easily. 7-9 items is enough for festivals or events with about 15 people per site or event.

Plan out your booth

how to vend at festivals

Designing and running a successful booth is all about planning. You will have time to run your display, which is the main activity of your booth, and time to talk with attendees about your products, which are the items you will sell.

Many festivalgoers look at booths for hours, trying out products and chatting with the operators. If your operator is friendly and runs a good show, some visitors may buy from you!

Before anything else, you need to plan out your space. Do not run into the next booth that opens early—they might have already set up their displays and got people ready, so do it first! It helps to know how much space you have to fit a large display, how many items you want to sell, and how many people should be able correct-me-for that does not have a large display look at it.

Then comes layouting your space. Your trailer or booth should be on a level surface so people can see what items they are purchasing or receiving.

Find out about parking options

how to vend at festivals

Festival sites can have a lot of parking, so don’t get too excited until you see how close you can park. Some festivals allow street parking, but it is always limited and regulated.

If there is ample parking, great! But if not, be prepared to be patient or move to a nearby lot. Most people are happy to wait for about a hour for another chance to show what they do andgarage sales, so the crowd does not lose interest.

Also, keep an eye out for traffic restrictions or updates that may affect your event. Many festivals update their website when such changes are made so that people know.

Get cash before you go to the festival

how to vend at festivals

Most festivals ask that you have cash on you before the event, which is great! If you do not have any money on you, then you can go pick up some at a festival vendor market before the event.

Many vendors offer discounted products or services at festivals so this is a great way to save money and quality experience. Some even offer pre-event marketing support to help build your brand recognition.

If you do not have any money but want to attend the event but cannot sell anything because of festival rules, then get ahead of the curve early. Try selling non-branded items or back-stage pass access rights instead.

By offering these rights early on, you will be able to gain access to the festival before anyone else does and make your presence known! Similar things can be done for backstage passes as well.

Reconfirm your spot

how to vend at festivals

When you get to the festival, make a minute to check out all the merchandise and vendors that are near you. You can also go through the app Manilla Map and find new vendors and places to park close by.

If a vendor is not near a parking lot, try asking other attendees if they found one that worked. Some people even help them out with donations or just friendly support.

And last but not least, confirm your merch table location. Some people do not feel comfortable being front and center on stage at certain times, so make sure to have your table set up in a safe place.

Prepare for the weather

how to vend at festivals

Festivals are big on weather-related training. Some festivals offer outdoor classes or games for being prepared in the summer heat.

Some businesses offer tent rentals or space to set up a vendors tent. Dressing appropriately for the weather is important, as is having a plan if the weather does not go away quickly.

Having layers of clothing is a good way to save money- by wearing one item over and over, it costs less!

Vendors may provide guidelines about how long their goods will be warm, how many people they expect to attend, and whether they should pre-bag items or not.

Be friendly with your customers

how to vend at festivals

When you start selling, be friendly with your customers. If someone buys from you, they’ll remember you and want to be able to speak with them. If they have questions, they’ll return to your site to find answers.

If they are unhappy with their purchase, they can return it or ask for a refund. By being friendly with your customers, you will build trust and make it easier for them to recommend your business to others.

Also, building trust is what Vend at Festivals needs when you sell things. When people buy from you, they’ll give you something in return for your time and energy spent looking for items for them.

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