Is Osaka Worth Visiting

Osaka is a large city with several district which you should know about. These include Higashinorocho, Kuramae, Nishi-Kuramae and Itabukuro.

Higashinorocho is the old center of the city where most of the traditional sightseeing and restaurants are. Kuramae is the commercial center with high-tech giant electronics stores and restaurants. Nishi-Kuramae is more upscale with shopping centers, expensive restaurants and nightlife. Itabukuro is home to street performers and interesting sights like temples or historic sites.

Osaka has four seasons and they all change how people view the city. There are days when you feel like you are in a completely different country for sure.

Great culture

is osaka worth visiting

Central and western Japan, Osaka is the closest city to Kyoto and Tokyo. However, unlike its neighboring cities, Osaka does not look or feel touristy.

As the capital of karōshi-era Japan, much of modern Japanese culture is found in Osaka. Jidai-jikā-era (late medieval/early modern) statues are a common sight throughout the city, along with traditional homes and businesses.

Such as in Kyoto where such buildings as temples, shrines, and churches dominate the skyline. Like Tokyo and other big cities, pollution is an issue in Osaka, but it feels more peaceful than bigger cities that don’t have such a atmosphere.

Delicious food

Dishes such as tempura, tai-fun, udon, and ramen are what make Osaka famous. If you are ever in the area, don’t pass up the chance to try some of these delicious foods.

They also have lots of different flavors of ice cream, so you can choose one or indulge in all of them. For drinks, there are many kinds to choose from. You can try the regular beer or sake, but maybe not if you are not a strong drinker.

There are also restaurants that specialize in sweets that are really good. You do not need to eat anything before going into these because they provide beautiful pictures on the screen that show you how tasty they are.

Cheap shopping

is osaka worth visiting

Osaka is known for its cheap shopping, and with its busy spring and summer seasons, there is never a shortage of places to go!

Many major shopping malls are located within the city limits, making it easy to find your next favorite store. Also, many small shops and larger stores locate in high-profile locations such as department stores so you can visit them too.

The Heisei Era has seen expanded sales periods which last for a long period of time so buying at least until July has become common. During this time, goods are often on sale so it is worth buying a little bit early!

Another way to save money is by going to the supermarket rather than the market.

Attractive landmarks

is osaka worth visiting

Osaka is known for its attractive landmarks. There are many beautiful structures in the city, and they are a sight to behold.

Some of these landmarks include Yasukabashi, Seiyuan Park, Gakidasai Yasukabe Shrine, and Waseda University. With such a large city, it is hard to mention all of them in this article!

Seiyuan Park is one of the largest parks in Osaka. It has various beautiful settings including lakes and forests surrounded by nature trails. It also contains several scenic roads where you can stop and enjoy the view.

Gakidasai Yasukabe Shrine is a beautiful shrine that honors local spirits. You can find it just outside of Seiyuan Park on Kamezawa-dori Road.

Easy to get to

is osaka worth visiting

Osaka is easily accessible by plane, car, and train. Osaka is only a short ferry ride away from Tokyo Narita Airport which makes it an easy place to get into the city and start your trip.

Osaka is also very close to many cities in Japan so it is no surprise that it has become a popular destination. Many foreign travelers travel to Osaka to see the temples and traditional Japanese neighborhoods.

These areas are called osaka-to and they are located throughout the city near its airport like location at Narita Airport. You can even find some traditional businesses such as teahouses and bath houses that welcome foreigners for tourism purposes.

Friendly people

is osaka worth visiting

Osaka is known for its friendly people, and the city in general. This is mainly due to the large number of foreign tourists that visit Osaka every year.

Due to the large number of visitors, there are a lot of people who speak multiple languages, making encounters with the local population more comfortable. This friendly attitude can be seen in everything from the buildings they represent in society to the way they greet each other and use language.

Although language is an important part of society, not all people are proficient at it. That is why language courses are so popular around the world. They help people to improve their English by teaching you how to use it, how to hear it and translate it into your own.

Of course, you can learn at home! Once you learn a language, try going on a European trip where you meet new people, tour places and communicate with them using your native language.

Lots of entertainment options

is osaka worth visiting

If you’re looking to spend a fun day or night, visiting the big city of Osaka is worth it. There are so many sights and places to experience, that you will never run out of things to do.

From supermarkets and shopping centers to theme parks and entertainment venues, there’s something for everyone. For those looking for some relaxing time to enjoy their surroundings, there are plenty of beautiful parks and beaches nearby.

As the third-largest city in Japan, Osaka is not small. It has a large area where new developments are added, making it look like a giant dent in the ground.

The city is known for its entertainment options, which include: watching kore wa nai deshou ni ichi nichi dai ikan (carnival-style floats) on New Year’s Day; going to an idol concert; or attending one of the many sports games held during the summer season.

Osaka is a great city

is osaka worth visiting

Osaka is a beautiful city both before and after the rainy season. There are many festivals and events in the summer and fall, making it a fun place to visit every year.

Parisonally, Osaka is very affordable versus expensive. During the off-season (the winter and spring seasons) prices are more comparable to Tokyo or New York City.

During the summer and autumn, Osaka is quite peaceful as it enjoys its weather. There are only a few weekend nights when people go out since most of the population stays home to enjoy their Weekend Workout!

This is definitely not for lazy people though, as Osaka has some great parks you can visit!

Osaka is located on Lake Biwa, which has some great restaurants and shops nearby.

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