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Seo is a vital part of getting deep into the clutches of online marketing. Seo is the creation, maintenance, and distribution of user-friendly web content. Seo refers to the creation, distribution, and modification of keywords and text in websites and content.

Keywords are a means of distributing information. Someone searching for an article about Christmas Trees uses a different keyword than someone looking for fashion advice.

Content is another important part of seo. When users search, they should not be forgotten – they want what they find to be good quality content that matters to them. Making content that gets found and posted by users comes up as a must-have part of seo.


CSS is a powerful and complex coding language. As the name suggests, CSS refers to computer science terms such as functional, HTML, and standards-based code. There are many tutorials and resources for CSS, making it easy to start learning.

You do not need to know CSS for a full website or app launch, but it is helpful to have at least briefly. Building with HTML and JavaScript will help you access theCSS codes later on in your development process.

Mobile apps tend to use less of the CSS codes than desktop apps due to the smaller screen sizes.


seo beginners

Without getting too deep into too much detail, web programming is the control of a website or app using HTML, CSS, and/or JavaScript. These three components are used to build a website that behaves like a normal computer document does.

Relational databases

seo beginners

A new way to store information is called a relational database. A relational database has multiple tables with relationships between them.

A table can be named groceries, groceries has products, and the products can be things like fruits, vegetables, and desserts. These tables relate to each other with relationships.

This is how a grocery list works: It has products listed in them, the ones you buy together in groups, and the ones you buy alone. This way, you have access to all your items quickly!

How does a relational database work? Not all apps use relational databases, but they can affect how an app works. If you have trouble remembering which app or feature belongs to which category or group of data, than an app with a relational database will help!

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Linked data is becoming more important as we move towards digital storage and accessibility. This is when we connect our data files together so that they are accessible by any device with an internet connection.

Server scripting (Ruby, PHP)

seo beginners

Server-side programming is a great way to learn computer programming. Most people start by doing little tasks like adding a new page or update to an old site, and then they can move onto larger projects.

Server-side coding is the design and placement of code on a server versus on a computer. On a computer, you would look at your code and think, “I can do that!” But in theory, it takes more effort to set up servers and customize them than just says “go for it!”

server scripting (ruby, php) seo beginners bullet point: Why You Should Use Server Scripting? > attractive clients > better conversions > lower risk/reward .\>\>\>\>\>

When looking into server-side coding platforms such as Ruby on Rails, PHP, or Node.js you will see that these apps have their own sets of features that are not offered through the standard software tools. This makes sense as these apps are meant for specific applications rather than a web app.

This is why sites like The Weather Channel are built in different languages rather than one generic language like HTML and CSS which control all aspects of website layout and control panel operations. It also why digital marketing companies use different languages to discuss campaigns instead of one universal language like HTML and CSS.

Web server configuration (Apache, Nginx)

seo beginners

If you are going to host your website on a local web server, you must set up a web server. Most people use Apache, but Nginx is a good choice as well.

Both Apache and Nginx offer set of guides for new servers.

Load balancing

seo beginners

Loading Balancing is the process of distributing requests evenly across multiple servers. You can use it for front- and back-end server setup, as well as app and server platform support.

load balancing is the process of distributing requests evenly across multiple servers. You can use it for front- and back-end server setup, as well as app and server platform support. Server Platforms include WordPress, Drupal, platforms like Joomla!, Magento, etc.

app support includes Android SDKs, Apple iOS SDKs, Google Play Services, and Windows Service Frameworks.

The main purpose of load balancing is to give a single request or application enough resources to finish smoothly. If one request takes too much time, another one will take its place without affecting the user experience.


seo beginners

If you are new to seo, caching is an important element to understand. It can literally mean putting something off to look at or cache for future visits.

cache refers to a piece of information that is already online, but you need to click through to make it visible. This way, if someone searches for your business, they can easily find you depending on what you have available.

If someone searches by a specific term, such as painting contractors, your cache will include all of the painting contractors in town. This helps build your business as well as their customers.

Because of this important function of cache, most effective seos include it as a feature.

Server architecture design

seo beginners

A server is the backbone of any website. A server houses your website and lets it handle requests.

Server architecture design is the process of creating a set of rules and principles that govern the layout and design of a server. These rules and principles determine what requests can be handled, how fast they can respond, and whether it is an L2 or L3 server.

L2 servers cannot handle higher-level applications such as databases or mac applications like iMovie or iTunes. They are designed to help content publishers market their websites more efficiently as an add-on to another website.

L3 servers are different than L2s. A L3 does not need to be a replication point for another system, it can be designed to hold data instead. Most data storage companies have L3s that act as data storage centers.

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